Do not sell my information (CA, CO, CT, VA, and UT residents only)

All of the information in the CyberBackgroundChecks directory is sourced from various public records and other publicly available information, such as voter records, phone directories, and property records.

Public data and publicly available information are exempt from the various state consumer privacy laws, so the rights outlined there (such as the Right to Delete, Right to Know, and Right to Opt-out) do not apply to the records displayed on our site.

However, you are able to view the public records we have related to you by simply performing a search for yourself on our site. Since our site is free, you will never be asked to pay to access your record. We also provide the option to remove your public records from our site as a courtesy. Information on our data sources and the categories of information we collect, as well as how you can suppress your record from our site can be found in our Privacy Policy.